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DataTrends Equity Research Group

Provides independent research to small, growth-oriented public stem cell companies ...

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For qualified stem cell scientists and lab administrators...

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2009 Guide to Stem Cell Research Companies

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DataTrends Equity Research Group

... providing In-depth research to small, growth-oriented public companies in the stem cell research space.

The Investor's Corporate Profile® summarizes crucial information about a public stem cell company without sacrificing detail or comprehensiveness.








The DataTrends Equity Research Group (DERG), a unit of DataTrends Publications, provides independent research to small, growth-oriented public stem cell companies.

DERG’s Investor’s Corporate Profile® (ICP) is a comprehensive, detailed summary of a public stem cell company’s business and growth strategies, history, financial data, leadership, science & technology, commercial products and products in the pipeline, markets, competition, patent portfolio and other intellectual property, strategic alliances, and risk factors.

The Profile does not forecast the market or provide target stock prices, and does not recommend buys, sells, or holds.

Working from publicly available company information (including SEC filings, Web site material, company press releases, etc.), and with input from company executives, the DERG staff develops a detailed, highly-structured, yet easily understandable Investor's Corporate Profile® of your company.

The ICP® is not designed to provide traditional Wall Street analysis of a firm. Instead, it provides a summary of all relevant factual information, especially its market opportunities, products (commercial and in development), technologies, competition, financial performance, and strategic alliances, partnerships, collaborations, etc. It does not include buy/sell ratings or provide target stock prices, does not forecast the market, and does not recommend buys, sells, or holds. 

Each Profile is written with the average (but serious) investor in mind. It explains your company's mission, growth strategy, product line and product pipeline, unique and promising technologies, and much more. It also provides a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), written by the editorial staff of Stem Cell Business News.

The Profile is based on facts, not on speculation or arcane financial forecasting, and therefore provides an ideal overview of your company that can be provided in print or PDF format free of charge to potential investors, either in PDF format or in a print version.

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Current ICPs® available for free download (Adobe Reader required):

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